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Colorado Wine; what's in the bottle?


Colorado…a beautiful state of wine
•    Majestic mountains with rugged peaks and powder covered slopes.
•    Deep pine forests with cascading white-water singing over polished stones.
•    Rolling plains covered with a sea of bison, cattle or wild horses.
•    Ancient shelters of civilizations able to squeeze agriculture out of the desert.
•    Endless brilliant blue skies with a gently warming sun.
Whatever comes to mind when you think of Colorado, it probably isn’t wine. Yet in our warm valleys and plateaus, watered by mountain runoff, are some of the best vineyards between the West Coast and the Mississippi River. Colorado boasts over 300 days of sunshine every year and refreshing mountain breezes to keep the nights cools and invigorating. Coupled with our persistently low humidity, nature brings beauty, taste and adventure together into the ideal conditions for growing world-class wine grapes that feature the complex character and chemistry required to craft award-winning wines.
by Colorado Wine

Colorado's wine ranking nothing to whine about

The travel site TripAdvisor said Tuesday one region in Colorado ranks among the best spots in the country for wine aficionados
by Denver Business Journal

Colorado Wine; Rooted in History

 For the entire Colorado Business Review issue:
by Doug Caskey

AVAs and Terroir

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by Colorado Wine

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by Colorado Wine

Stories of the Wine

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by Colorado Wine

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